Exhibitor testimonials

Jason Doran

The show has been very good overall, it’s great to re-connect with members after so long. We’ve spoken to interesting new organisations and hope to help them on the road to decarbonisation. ITT Hub has highlighted the challenges this industry is facing.

Paul Murray

The indoor and outdoor exhibitions worked really well, the facilities at Farnborough are impressive and I think the organisers made the most of them. There’s nothing like seeing the new tech up close and being able to operate, drive, ride in it was unique.

Overall a very positive experience and I’ve registered interest for next year.

Sam Clarke

It’s fantastic. I think the guys have worked so, so hard to put this together, given the Covid restrictions over the last 18 months. To finally bring it to fruition, given all of the challenges they’ve had, the electrification in this room is incredible. I used to run a pure electric logistics company before I joined Gridserve, and there were no electric vehicles, commercial vehicles available. We’re now surrounded by electric buses, we’re standing by electric trucks, electric vans. It’s just an incredible transition that I’ve seen over the last ten years, and for an event like the ITT Hub, to bring all that together, so that people can come and understand more about this type of technology, it’s just fantastic to see, and we need more of it.

Nicola Shaw

It’s so lovely to be back in a place where we’re communicating with others face to face. I’ve been amazed by the range of stands here, there’s a whole bunch of different things that people are thinking about, and that is something that is a really core part of the next ten or 15 years. It’s integration of different sectors together, so data, digital, energy, transport, all of those things, where we need to work together in a much more collaborative way than we have done hitherto.

Dan Martin

I’ve been blown away. When I came down and approached the show and saw the layout just outside, it’s absolutely fantastic, I can’t believe the size of it. The number of people getting involved, what a fantastic concept, lots of different technologies, lots of different manufacturers, different vehicles. I think it’s really exciting and I’m really looking forward to having a good look around and speaking to everyone.

Robert Drewery

It has been great to meet people, it is a great venue. Really happy with the stand. Probably the key thing is it’s the first event to meet people since the pandemic and meeting people is so important. That’s the power of shows like this. I have been really impressed by how many zero emission vehicles there are here and on that basis I think we would definitely look at coming back.

Carlos Rodrigues

ITT Hub was a great show – I will certainly be looking forward to coming back next year. It is great to have a Ride & Drive for our customers, we had more than 60 or 70 people take part in the Ride & Drive so that has been a great experience. Thank you to all the people that make the show happen.

Phil Moon

This has been a fantastic opportunity to showcase our latest product – the New Generation DAF and our electric range. We’ve had positive discussions with customers old and new.

Ian Jones

I think people are delighted to get back out. I’ve spent the past 12 months working from home, in my basement office. And, Teams, whilst very good, very engaging with people during a pandemic, is no substitute for meeting people. We’re a pack animal. We want to meet people. So it’s been great to listen to people who’ve come to our stand today. I think Mark Griffin’s been absolutely first off the marks here in creating this event, and it’s delightful to speak to people.

Adam Simmons

It’s fantastic to be here in person and see people. You only have to see the suppliers and providers here to see what phenomenal work is happening across the sector, and I think having spoken at an event this morning, the message came across that it, the challenges that we face today, be it zero carbon or new technologies, tackling congestion, it’s about collaboration. It’s not about one organisation doing their own thing, it is about working with others, and it’s about new collaborations as well, and I think that’s why the ITT Hub is a fantastic place to forge those relationships, or reinforce those relationships, and support that collaboration.

Paul Kirby

I am so full of admiration for the organisation of this event, it’s a tough time and this is a triumph, overcoming so much difficulty in getting here, and then to see all of the innovation that is celebrated around this show, is just brilliant. We’ve had a great time at EV Café, talking to some great people from around the show, delivering on their innovation, talking about the future of this transport industry, that we love. So, it can only go from strength to strength. For a first effort, wow. Off the scale.

John McLeister

The concept and layout are fantastic. The visitors we have had were quality over quantity. For us at Wrightbus it was an overwhelming success. We launched our 100%+ Electroliner and hydrogen bus. We are really pleased we attended and look forward to the next one.

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